Oklahoma Low Impact Development

Oklahoma Low Impact Development

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Low Impact Development (LID) is a new, comprehensive land planning and engineering design approach with a goal of maintaining and enhancing the pre-development hydrologic regime of urban okielogo.JPGand developed watersheds.  The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service has a goal of providing information and design aids related to low impact development that will make an impact on stormwater management in Oklahoma. 

This website is continually evolving, so feel free to email Jason Vogel, Stormwater Specialist in the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department, with your comments or suggestions.  Thanks!

Oklahoma Low Impact Development database

Click on the picture below to check out the beginning of a database of LID practices in Oklahoma and the world.  If you would like your LID implementation in the database, email Jason Vogel with your site description, location (latitude and longitude), type of LID practice, date of project completion and a photo.  The database does not work well on Internet Explorer, but works very well using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.



'Oklahoma Gardening' television show devotes an entire show to pervious pavement

Watch Michael Holmes, OSU Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Jason Vogel, OSU Stormwater Specialist, and Kim Toscano, discuss pervious pavement.  Click the links below to watch each of the three segments from the show.



Part 1: Introduction to Pervious Pavement

Part 2: Pervious Paver Demonstration

Part 3: Making Pervious Concrete




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